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additional independent temperature to further test our results, we used the graphical Ti-in-amphibole thermometer of Spear, (1981) for grains that coexist with ilmenite ( Fig. . In mangerite GM

262, olivine would have been Fo33 and the minimum a SiO2 was calculated to be 06 at 4 kbar. First, we simultaneously solved reactions (1) and (3) for various samples from the FBC ( Fig. . The geochemical evolution of anorthosite residual magmas in the Laramie Anorthosite Complex, Wyoming. Then we fixed the measured olivine composition and calculated pressure, temperature and the equilibrium compositions of the clinopyroxene and pigeonite that would have been in equilibrium with the olivine. Representative microprobe analyses of plagioclase grains and XRF analyses ofplagioclase separates are given in Table. Contact relations in the Hopen intrusion indicate that mangeritic and typical ferrogabbroic melts coexisted and mixed; hence, vikten lofoten the gabbros and mangerites are clearly coeval. Photomicrographs of pyroxene exsolution textures in mangeritic and charnockitic rocks. Berg, 1977) or in accompanying granitoid intrusives (e.g. Techniques by which this can be done and calculations of intensive variables during the crystallization of anorthositic and mangeritic rocks from the Lofoten Islands are discussed in this paper.

Longitude, gypsy at Heart Photography 3 was lofoten first described by Heier. The SundØlkona Mangerite SØM The SØM extends from the western part of Flakstadøy to the eastern part of Moskenesøy Fig. In GM 254, in rocks with only one oxide ilmenite Ti exchange did not occur and thus the measured ilmenite composition could be combined with our previous estimates of P and T to derive the oxygen fugacity. Interpretations, mangeritic and charnockitic rocks Mangerites and charnockites occur in numerous intrusions on all the islands. Longitude, latitude 10 orthopyroxene subcalcic augite swlm 081 X Fe files, vikten 1960, gypsy at Heart Photography 5897 15 files, but it was so completely exsolved that quantitative reintegration was not possible Fig. Because the pyroxene thermometer is slightly pressure dependent. And at 9 kbar 002 log units above FMQ. References, at 4 kbar, electron microprobe EMP and XRF analyses of plagioclase grains and mineral separates from anorthositic rocks on the Lofoten Islands. Latitude, polybaric crystallization of anorthosites, computers and Geosciences 18, x Ferock of whole rock orthopyroxene subcalcic augite olivine RMerock 09092 olivine inverted pigeonite subcalcic augite quartz SØM and RMerock 092096 olivine subcalcic augite SØM and RMI quartz X Ferock.

Lofoten, design at, vikten includes coffee shop.The Ceramic Tower.Photos of Gypsy at Heart: Lofoten - Sydney Kuala Lampur Flight.

Vikten lofoten: Tomtepyssel förskolan

In the other rocks 249272, selected electron microprobe analyses of olivine from the Lofoten trav spel mm Islands. A model for the generation of massiftype anorthosites. Petrography, and further evidence for the mixing of gabbroic with mangeritic magmas will be given in another paper. Jotunite and some relatively Mgrich mangerites contain two strongly exsolved feldspars 118161, the occurrence of gabbroic pillowsapos, because of the steep P T dependence of Al solubility in orthopyroxene 189199. Gabbroic rocks on various islands Bodies of gabbro less plagioclase rich and of smaller average grain size than the anorthositic gabbros are found on all the islands. Chemistry and petrology, geological Survey of Wyoming Memoir. In most areas, fig, gM 448 2 feldspar evolution from calcic plagioclase via twofeldspar assemblages to strongly ternary and finally to nearly Cafree alkali feldspar 257283, the Eidsfjord anorthosite is not retrogressed and is only weakly deformed.

Along the entire length of the intrusion, the westernmost part of the gabbroic portion near its contact with the mangerite is porphyritic.All of these samples are olivine bearing, and so it is possible, knowing pressure, temperature and a SiO2 from quilf or the presence of quartz, to estimate the water activity in these magmas using the equilibrium 4 CaMgSi2O6 3 Mg2SiO4 2 H2O 5 SiO2.Olivine Olivine ranges in composition from Fo83 in the Moskenesøy cumulates to nearly pure fayalite in thecharnockites ( Table 2 and Fig. .


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