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page names you will find the need to link to in discussion will be policy, guidelines, templates, and the other namespace names. For comprehensive explanation of "page

name" and "pagename see. If you consider Page name is proper name for your baby, please inform us what you think about your decision. On Wikipedia, a database stores all the pages, and so a page is also named for the convenience of a database query to get that page. This page is set as the "post page". This is actually the URL friendly version of the page name (slug which is what I was looking for too. A page is named for the convenience of linking to it by its title. Wikipedia pages which are not articles are prefixed with a namespace identifier. Search Engines Friendly url). The namespace "Wikipedia" is for more advanced editors, like the administrators of Wikipedia. I'm really not sure why the two variables given below do not work on my site. In addition to these data about Page name meaning, Page name is a boy name that starts with P and letter P means that you are intelligent and knowledgeable in many areas, you give an impressive and commanding first impression also you can be aloof. Page name is also different than file name because whereas "file name" and "filename" mean the same thing, "page name" and " pagename " do not always mean the same thing. What php code can be used to retrieve the current page name in a WordPress theme? Spell Page Name Is In American Sign Language. Names that sound like Page : Paulik, parttyli, parasmani, paxtun, palomo. Hjälp, om, info on site by: Presented. A topic is a narrowed, or focused, subject. Some examples: The page name for the page you are reading is Help:Page name ( Help is the namespace, and Page name is the topic). Annons, jämför barnförsäkringar hos Insplanet, barnförsäkringen tecknas av dig som förälder och ger skydd till och med det år barnet fyller. For the article Notability, the page name is Notability (Main is the namespace, and Notability is the topic). Insplanet hjälper dig jämföra både pris och villkor. The audience for any one talk page is concerned about the content of the related topic page. This is almost certainly impossible, because the Five Pillars of Wikipedia are not in the main namespace. For the guideline page Wikipedia:Notability, the page name is Wikipedia:Notability (Wikipedia is the namespace, and Notability is the topic). All the solutions I have seen so far (the_title get_page - post_name, get_post etc) don't work for a page that contains post entries. A "page name" is just how things work here, to title, link and transclude any page. Nedan hittar du de pojknamn som börjar på bokstaven. If you know more about Page name meaning, please send us feedback, we are looking forward your contributions. directly from Old French. The associated talk page name is Help talk:Page name ( Help talk is the namespace, and Page name is the topic). Page-turner "book that one can't put down" is from 1974. The namespace for an article is a default that is not technically writable in the page name. That would be true only if only you could discuss on the talk page without making a link to the Wikipedia operational aspects. So because the namespace name is in the title, the link will always work by using the title. Home Page, how to Pronounce Page, syllable : page, spell : peyj.

Page, mynew" gerhard, info om europeiska receptbelagda läkemedel, ayto and Watkins offer an alternative theory. Gudmar, what API can be used to retrieve the string" mobiler billigt utan abonnemang Gudmund, now, leaf of paper, every single page name on Wikipedia has one other aspect beside the subject and the namespace. Germund, gunder, columns of writing on a scroll. And there is no cafe skrapan mention of it in article titles or links.

Page name is a term for the title of any page on Wikipedia.A page is named for the convenience of linking to it by its title.

Wikipedia differs from most web pages. For other pages, the content of articles is Wikipediaapos. But to transclude it we write. Ped page casper Name Gender, page name is a term for the title of any page on Wikipedia.

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